No effort of the scale, breadth and complexity of the Comparative Human Relations Initiative could be mounted without the guidance, support and wisdom of many people and institutions. Listing their names without singing their praises is inadequate to identify the many contributions they have made to bring the Initiative into being, sustain it and make its contributions possible.

Financial supporters of the Initiative include:

Consultants, advisors, scholars, writers and friends included: Caetana Damasceno, Rebecca Reichmann, Michael Turner, Anthony Marx, Walter R. Huntley, Jr., Lisle Carter, Lawrence N. Jones, Joseph Harris, Pam Auchmutey, Howard Hunter, John Witte Jr., Abdullahi An Na’im, Anani Dzidzenyio, George Fredrickson, Ruth Simms Hamilton, Milfred Fierce, Candace Lessa, Prescilla Kritz, Chris Peterson, Malaika Adero, John Egerton, Cynthia Lewis, David Cohen, Karen Press, Ellis Cose, Jonas Zoninsein, Bernard Anderson, Barbara Arnwine, and john a. powell.


Steve Suitts helped with all aspects of the Initiative’s work and his research, writing and ideas are largely reflected in the Initiative publications. Also supporting the Initiative's work were staff members of the Southern Education Foundation (SEF), Deborah Barrett, Janet Keene, and Brenda McClendon.


SEF was fortunate to forge a relationship at the Initiative’s inception with the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa). Wilmot James, Gitanjali Maharaj, Linda van de Vijver, Paul Graham and other colleagues at Idasa have been instrumental in assisting the Initiative’s work, as were the contributions of Neville Alexander, Independent Newspapers Holdings, Ltd., Shaun Johnson, the University of Cape Town and Mamphela Ramphele.


The Initiative did not partner with a single institution in Brazil, but many people have helped the effort’s work in that nation, especially Antonio Sérgio Guimarães, Cida Aparecita Bento, Sueli Carneiro, Benedita da Silva, Ivanir dos Santos, Helio Santos, Ivair dos Santos, Diva Moreira, Dulce Pereira, Abdias do Nascimento, Elisa Larkin Nascimento, Joao Jorge Rodrigues, and Joel Rufino.


Cynthia Jones and Susan White of Jones Worley Design were responsible for designing the Initiative’s publications and Bryan Lentjes and colleagues at Web Connect ( developed this web site.

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